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As a successful family business with a long history and two owner-operated locations, we feel that we have a commitment to our customers. This applies not only to your electroplating projects and all related services but also to the provision of interesting and important information about our range of activities. Our website will tell you about what motivates us, the values and quality standards we stand for, the services we offer and why electroplating is our passion.

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The volunteer fire department Bürgstadt visits REINMUTH GALVANIK

The Bürgstadt Volunteer Fire Department visits REINMUTH GALVANIK:

Don’t worry, nothing is burning here.
This week, an exercise by the Bürgstadt Volunteer Fire Department took place at our Bürgstadt plant. The volunteer fire department regularly conducts drills at local businesses to create realistic deployment scenarios.
We are glad that we were able to provide a suitable exercise site to be well prepared for the upcoming operations.
Thank you for being there and thank you for your volunteer and important work!

Innovations at Reinmuth Galvanik

Dear customers,

Today we would like to say THANK YOU for your cooperation during our conversion phase at the Bürgstadt site at the end of August.
Thanks to intensive preparations and planning with all the specialist companies involved, we were able to keep to the schedule and equip our zinc-nickel rack plant at the Bürgstadt location with new carriages based on the latest technology in only 1½ weeks.
In order to increase the capacities for zinc-nickel rack goods and to be able to continue to serve you at the usual delivery frequency, we have also created extensions at the Bürgstadt location as well as at the Würzburg location in the last three months. If you have any current inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email at
Below you can see impressions of our new facility: