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As a successful family business with a long history and two owner-operated locations, we feel that we have a commitment to our customers. This applies not only to your electroplating projects and all related services but also to the provision of interesting and important information about our range of activities. Our website will tell you about what motivates us, the values and quality standards we stand for, the services we offer and why electroplating is our passion.

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GalvanoGolfCup 2018

REINMUTH GALVANIK is the organizer of the 25th GalvanoGolfCup this year.

It takes place from 15.-17. June 2018 on the Golf u. Country Club Erftal in Guggenberg.

If you are interested, you will find further information on

new surface ruler (dec. 17) online

The update of the surface ruler is available in the download area.