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local championship in soccer at FC Bürgstadt

Also this year we presented, by the Reinmuth Galvanik a team for the local championship in soccer at FC Bürgstadt. On two evenings, initially ten teams in the group stage played out the participants of the quarter-finals. Despite the extremely high temperatures, numerous employes were fans at the event and the organizers ensured sufficient cooling.

Our company started under the team name Reinmuth Galvanik in the group A. On Saturday, the 30th of June, the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals were finally held. After a successful group phase in which we had won in 3 games sovereign, we landed after a hard fight successfully in the final. In a thrilling endgame, the team of the “Dynamo Tresen” finally prevailed against us. This resulted in the following results:

  1. Platz Dynamo Tresen
  2. Platz Reinmuth Galvanik
  3. Platz Alpha Squad

All the participants had fun celebrating the finals and we are sure that we will be back in 2019 at the soccer local championship.

Many thanks to the FC Bürgstadt and the great organization!

company pokal shooting

On Monday, 25.06.2018, 4 teams of 3 persons of the Reinmuth Galvanik took part successfully in the annual corporate cup shooting of the shooting club Bürgstadt. Some had an air rifle in their hands for the first time and so we can be really satisfied with the result! After the first test shots, we soon realized that the shooting was a lot of fun for all employees of our company!

After the exactly calculated amounts of target water, the competition was scored with 15 shots per participant both individually and in the group. It was shot with air rifles, and whether these now “hang up” or not, has not been clarified until today. But until the start of the competition everybody had found their favorite position and they could start!

With a staggering 127 points Simone Bauersachs was the best lady and Ladislav Tchusz the best man with 128 points against the rest of Reinmuth Galvanik.

Many thanks to all participants and the support of the shooting club, who always stood by our side with help and advice to achieve the best possible result!